Differtial Pressure Meter

Differtial pressure transmitter is a versatile instrument which is employed where measurement display of high/low pressure is needed simultaneously. The FDP 2021 transmitter uses two channels to measure the signals from two individual pressure   transmitters and provide the outputs of P1/P2 & DP. The transmitter incorporates an extreme high resolution/high speed measurement system,which is very relevant because it make it possible to use high pressure sensors at measure ¼ of full scale without loss of resolution. Due to this sensors can be safely guarded from over-pressure ranges and life of sensors increase multifold.The 4-20 mA out puts are again of high resolution and can be scaled digitally.The 485 communication is done over MODBUS protocol foe easy implantation of DAQ.Default sensors are stainless steel piezo type but other type sensors can also be used.