RO Flow meter

Forever Tech Flow measurement systems, Takes care of all your flow measurement and monitoring needs with maximum efficiency. The system comprises of a magnetic flow tube and an electronic flow converter.

Specially designed flow coils, generate field in the flow tube. As the conductive fluid moves in this field, voltage proportional to velocity of fluid is generates in the electrodes. This voltage is received by flow converter, and digital signals processing is done before the flow value is displayed in the illuminated alphanumeric LCD. The flowmeter uses advanced digital technology with intelligent software systems combined with precision engineering ensuring accurate and reliable flow measurement.

Various communication options allows you to monitor, store, analyse your consumption at a center point, on the hub, computer, web, mobile


  1. Water Treatment
  2. RO Water
  3. MEE Plant


  1. Rate indicator/ Totalizer Function
  2. Separate version
  3. Computerized data logging
  4. Easy Maintainence